Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Bongao Mayor assumes office on 52nd Kamahardikaan Day

Honorable Hadji Jasper Que, newly elected mayor of Bongao, has assumed office, Thursday, the day the premier municipality commemorates its 52nd Kamahardikaan on July 1, 2010.

The celebration marked the historical transition of power within a reigning family that gripped the local governance for almost a decade, where the senior Que, Hadji Albert, outgoing three-termed mayor relegated the position to the younger Que, Hadji Jasper, his son, in a simple turn-over protocol witnessed by the public at the municipal government building in Bongao.

Meanwhile, interviewed by the media, Hadji Albert Que, now a senior councilor, cited the achievements he made for the premier town in his 9-year stint as its top executive.

He said that the incoming mayor would only need to continue what he had done, put in more valuable projects for the benefits of the people, and improve the municipality in terms of infrastructure.

“I am confident that Hadji Jasper can work better than me and with my guidance and the support of the council, which I am a member, Bongao Municipal Government (BMG) can go well ahead,” he stressed.

Asked about the inauguration of his public market legacy project, Councilor Que said that he is leaving the activity to the new mayor.

He said the P20 million -public market is ready to serve the people and just waiting its inaugural activity before awarding it to those who applied for its occupancy.

Meanwhile, in the same interview, Mayor Jasper Que, whose assumption to office as the new BMG chief and in whose hands lie the dawn and future of Bongao the next three years, has laid down his agenda for the first 100 days in office.

The young Que pledged to carry on with the good performance of his predecessor, complete his unfinished programs and concentrate on acquiring new infrastructures and economic advancement of the constituency by providing them livelihood projects.

However, he pointed out that the first 100 days aside from continuing his predecessors programs, will be devoted to meeting the department heads and identifying the problems that need to be addressed in the different departments, re-organizing and re-shuffling the personnel into departments where their expertise are most fitted, restricting employees’ absences by procuring a modern facility to monitor their attendance, re-organize a special group to cater and respond to the petty request of the constituents, establish a rapport with the government line agencies and other LGUs, prioritize the early inaugural of the public market for its immediate use, and familiarize himself with the inherent role, tasks and responsibilities of a municipal chief executive.

Asked what beneficial project that he has in mind in the coming days, the young mayor considered establishing a municipal hospital aimed at strengthening the health services of the municipal government to the people.

He also intends to increase the number of PHILHEALTH beneficiaries in order to help the poor in addressing their health problems.

From his statements, Mayor Que is viewed to be an executive going deep down to work for the benefits of his constituency.

Others said that he would be a workaholic mayor where his business experiences will pave way to help him run BMG in a manner far better than his father.

In another development, the anniversary celebration has marked another milestone in the unity of the people. The LGUs, academe, government line agencies, AFP, PNP, NGOs, POs and all sectors of society in Bongao have shown support that symbolized unity.

This symbol of unity was demonstrated by the long traditional parade joined by the above-mentioned groups that pictured the success of the 52nd anniversary celebration of Bongao Municipal Government.

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